It’s Been A Long Time

It really has been a long time. Continue reading

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Inside Out: Pixar Psychology 101

A while back I sat through a strange attraction called Cranium Command at Disney World’s Epcot (the ride is no longer in service). The ride is supposed to take place inside the head of a 12 year old boy. When I first heard about Pixar’s latest film Inside Out, I couldn’t help but think about this ride. Since this is a Pixar film, I went in the theater expecting great animation, clever writing, great humor, a few emotional scenes (especially since the characters are literally emotions), and the overall quality one would expect from a Pixar film. I can honestly say that this film lives up to that Pixar level of quality. Continue reading

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Jurassic World: Dino Might!

As long as I can remember I have been a fan of dinosaurs. I grew up watching cartoons such as Land Before Time and eventually got into the definitive dinosaur film franchise, Jurassic Park. Of course the T-Rex is my favorite dinosaur (I’m defiantly not the only one who loves T-Rex). I remember the first time I saw a complete T-Rex skeleton at a museum. It is amazing how thrilled I get over something that has been dead for millions of years. I think I may be getting off topic so I guess I should focus on Jurassic World (I guess Jurassic Land didn’t sound as grand). Continue reading

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Splatoon: Fun for Squids and Kids of All Ages




There are many shooters out there yet Splatoon is a game with a unique premise. Not only is Splatoon family friendly (it is Nintendo after all) the main objective of the game is to shoot the ground. Oh and the main characters are squid people. Is this game as fresh as its characters believe they are or does this game need a new coat of paint?

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Tomorrowland : A Glimpse of Tomorrow

I generally don’t watch the news on television as both the local and national news consist mostly of depressing stories about crime, natural disasters, and other nasty topics. In Tomorrowland, a film named after my favorite section of Disneyland, even Disney admits that there are problems with the world. Acknowledging and realizing that a problem exists is the first step, but not enough people seem to engage in asking the followup question of “Can we fix it?” according to the film. Continue reading

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